Terms of Use

We welcome you to analyze the following document. Please make sure that you comprehend its essentials, as that is vital for using the site consciously. This document explains:

  • Who may use the website;
  • Game availability;
  • Players' accounts;
  • Deposits;
  • Withdrawals;
  • Inactive accounts;
  • Prohibited actions.

Who May Use the Website

The website functions only for those who are 18 y.o. and older. Also, the website lawfully functions only for players from countries that do not prohibit gambling. Please remember that it is your responsibility to research if the country allows playing at casinos.

This website is not for children. If you are not 18 y.o., please cease the session and do not use the website. If you create an account with fake information, we have the right to delete it immediately. If you are not 18 y.o., but you bypass the restrictions and deposit, we have the right not to return any credits.

Players may use the website fully only after verification. Please make sure that your submitted information is accurate. If the data you provide us with is not accurate, we may not provide any services to you.

Game Availability

The games on the website might not be available for players from various countries. Players cannot use the VPN to bypass those restrictions lawfully. If we detect that a player uses any of the prohibited games, we have the right to confiscate the credits and winnings.

The game choice is your responsibility. Please research if the game provider is legal in your country. We are not responsible for your choice and VPN usage.

Players' Accounts

One player may create one account to play. We prohibit creating more than one account for one person, IP address, and device. We may erase duplicate accounts after confiscating the credits and winnings without a way for restoration. Also, your account cannot be an item for commercial profit — it functions solely for personal usage.

It is advisable to provide accurate information when you register. False information might become the reason for the account termination. You may request to update your details whenever. If your information needs corrections, please contact the support for instructions.


You may choose a preferred currency and deposit instantly. Note that the credits appear on the account only after your verification. We may not add the credits to the account before obtaining proof of your payment. If you have deposited and you can show the proof, but the credits do not appear, please tell about that issue to the support. We will restore your resources after an investigation.

You cannot use payment tools that do not belong to you. We do not accept any payments from alien parties. You must verify that the card/wallet is in your official possession.

€10 or its equivalent is the minimal plausible deposit. Please learn about depositing limits before choosing the payment option. Also, note that crypto resource deposits have no limits. If you want to restrict your deposit, please choose other options!


Note that some withdrawal methods might delay your winnings obtaining. Some withdrawals are instant or take minimum time. The website does not affect or control the work of official financial institutions. We have no intention of keeping your rightful winnings. We might process the request for up to three days when you request a withdrawal.

Crypto withdrawals take minimum time. We advise using that method if you prioritize fast payouts.

Inactive Accounts

There are three main actions players take while visiting the website:

  • Depositing;
  • Withdrawing;
  • Actual playing.

If we do not have information about those actions for 12 months, we may charge the account for maintenance. Before that, we notify the players about their inactivity. If the player does not react and take any actions, we may charge the account when the 13th month starts. When the account's balance is zero, we may terminate the account.

Prohibited Actions

There are various actions that the casino administration does not tolerate. If players take any of those actions, we have the right to delete an account without restoring any resources of the violator. Also, taking those actions might lead to conferring the information to official institutions. So, players must not:

  • Use payment tools that do not belong to them (for instance, stolen cards);
  • Take part in collusion with other players;
  • Perform fraud;
  • Create more than one account;
  • Utilize the errors in the system to make an extra profit;
  • Agitate other players to use the error in the system for more advantage.

Some activities of that kind lead to account erasure, and some might lead to an official investigation. Please remember that such actions are your responsibility. We have the right to confiscate your resources if you take any of the listed actions.