Privacy Policy

Greetings! We are grateful that you have decided to learn the Privacy Policy document. Let us explain the essentials of anonymity and privacy principles. So, we must explain:

  • What essential information is necessary to collect;
  • Data channels;
  • The reasons to collect information;
  • Cookies;
  • Disclosure circumstances;
  • Contacting ways.

What Essential Information Is Necessary to Collect

We need several pieces of data to provide services to you and other guests. So, we must get information about your:

  • Name;
  • Age;
  • Country;
  • IP address.

Note that some data pieces like your email and password appear in our database axiomatically. If we do not obtain that information, the website's functionality will be minimal for you.

There might be other required details that are advisable for filling. Please remember that neglecting to fill in any of them might alter the website's performance for you. If you do not provide any data pieces, we may not provide any services.

Note that using fake information leads to getting your account suspended and terminated. We have the right to confiscate the credits if we detect fake information, as that might be an indicator of unlawfulness.

  • We also collect information about:
  • Your session timings;
  • Your visited pages (on our website);
  • Your preferred language;
  • Other details.

Data Channels

There are three sources of information:

You, as a registered member

You provide us with essential informational pieces like your name, age, etc.

Every potential member must provide us with accurate data. If your data needs corrections, you may request rectification. Note that we might see fake data as suspicious information.

Your browser

We also receive data pieces from the browser you use. That way, we obtain information about your clicked links, session time, etc.

Cookie files

The temporary identification files show when you start and stop using the website. They may also collect information about your clicked links and other details for audience research.

The Reasons to Collect Information

There are various reasons to collect, fix, and store information mentioned above.

For identification

We must identify that your activity is to ensure that no alien parties access your account. We also must fix that information to personalize your experience.

For safety

We hope that you provide us with valid information so that we can contact you if there is an issue with accounts' safety. We must know details about your device, location, and other identifying data pieces to detect if that is you using the account.

For audience research

We need that data to research our audiences' preferences and provide services that meet the highest expectations. We also must estimate the extent of our success to enhance our services.

For marketing

We collect data to make wise offers to you and other members. That includes personalizing our offers and presenting them in advertisement pieces.


Those temporary files function when you use the website. The files collect information about when you log in, but they stop functioning when you close the tab. Also, those files keep you and other players in the system. Additionally, the cookie files collect information about some of your preferences.
Remember that you can block non-essential cookies. That might lead to having restricted opportunities on the website. Declining all cookies will make the website inaccessible for you. You can always enable the files later, but it is advisable to let them function from the start.

Disclosure Circumstances

We keep your information confidential in an up-to-date database. Yet, there are circumstances when we may allow third parties to examine your details. That might happen:

  • when we conduct audience research with our partners;
  • when we collaborate with advertisement partners;
  • when we communicate with companies that are a part of our Group;
  • when we detect unlawful activities.

Regardless of circumstances, we do not publish your information on open platforms. No employee has the right to share your information with third parties without your consent. Thus, your details remain confidential.

If we detect unlawful activity, we may confer your details to official institutions. That means conducting further investigation. If that happens, a third party continues the examination. Please read our Terms of Use to know what activity is unlawful.

Contacting Ways

You may use any communication channel. Yet, we recommend texting the support in a secure chat, as we use complex encryption for that information. If there are any unclear points, do not hesitate to contact our support for clarifications.