About Nyalandu

Nyalandu at Selous InterviewLazaro Nyalandu is currently the Member of Parliament for Singida North Constituency and member of the National Executive Committee of ruling CCM in Tanzania. A former Minister for Natural Resources and Tourism, Lazaro has marshaled conservation efforts from local, regional, and international partners chiefly, USA, Germany and the EU. Tanzanians are fortunate that their children and grandchildren will inherit the legacy of enjoying the magnificent Tanzanian wildlife such as elephants, rhinos etc. Lazaro has placed extraordinary effort especially in the fight against elephant poaching, which had threatened the existence of elephant in Tanzania.

Lazaro Nyalandu akitangazaLazaro Nyalandu has been a Member of Parliament for Singida North since the year 2000. He has been credited for having been elected four times as the highest voted sitting MP, setting a record 91.2% electoral votes average for three consecutive elections. Nyalandu has earned his stripes as a grassroots politician, grounded enough to connect with the welfare needs of the rural constituency countrywide. He is hard working, progressive and inclusive and his leadership style is decisive.



Lazaro’s life story is one of continuous achievement, according to his friends from primary school “Lazaro led us in most games, performance and class activities…his smile always propelled us towards victory”.  As far back as in high school, Lazaro was an elected national leader (President) for the Tanzania Christian Students Fellowship (TCSF), commonly known as UKWATA in Tanzania.

Mr. Nyalandu is a family man, married to Faraja Nyalandu and are both blessed with two children, Sarah and Christopher.

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